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Wana Ukir Ubud - Design & Concept

The words "Wana Ukir" derive from two words. Wana (ancient Javanese word) refers to "Forest". On the other hand the word "Ukir" refers to a Mountain. According to Balinese Hindu Philosophy, forest and mountain are like flash and blood, they can not be separated. Forest and mountain are source of life. Logically, those places are center of water springs which give us "life‟.

If the Balinese people are looking at from religious point of view, the location of forested mountain is a holy direction (kaja )or mount ward. The Balinese people normally pray face on mount ward. Additionally, most of important Hindu temples in Bali are majorly located on forested mountain, like Besakih temple, The Mother Temple of Bali, which is located on the slope of Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali.